About Genesis Dei

This is currently an early access alpha to get feedback on existing features and plan the future advanced features. It is also here to help with bug collection and fixing. The game's foundation is complete, but you can never be too safe!

To join, register an account and join a gameworld! Don't hesitate to chat in the public chatrooms. People are always friendly.

There is a bug tracker available at http://bugs.mihailmorosan.com/. If you find any bugs, or think a feature would need changing or implementing, please register there and submit an issue!

Things can break at any moment! Please try and report any errors you encounter.

More ideas? Don't hesitate to contact me. Forums are the best, but Twitter (@MorosanMihail), or via the Public Chat in the currently open gameworld are also decent options!

Quick description of the game: You queue up actions, which can take several hours to complete, chat with people, coordinate with your alliance, leave, then return much later in the day (or even the next day) to see the results. No need to keep the game open. Victory can only be achieved by coordinating with others and outstrategizing your opponents!

This game is part of my research in studying artificial intelligence, game design and diplomacy. As a result, its completion and continued support is paramount. www.iggi.org.uk